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DigitalBull Leads is a high quality content writing and content marketing company helping you boost your business’ leads and revenue. We offer online content marketing strategy, unique content creation, blog post research, local SEO city page creation services, and digital marketing strategies to help you add more clients. Ultimately, it’s all about user engagement, and DigitalBull Leads can help you get more of it!

Our content writing service team has experience with SEO content writing tools like Frase, Market Muse, Jasper & Google NLP.

Digital marketing used to be about filling up your websites and social media channels with as much article writing as possible. This is obsolete now that Google has become smart enough so you can’t just spam keywords into any old blog post or new blocks of website content – the Google bots will find it and summarise the rest of what’s there before taking off again. This is where our content writing service comes into the picture!

The new way of web content writing involves careful planning: deciding on an idea or goal for each page. The perfect content writing and content marketing partner can take your company to the next level with their skillset, no matter what it is. You found them! The content writers for DigitalBullLeads’ are trained on all the newest best practices and incorporate cutting-edge writing techniques tailored towards boosting online presence while catering to readers’ wants & needs – in any form or genre imaginable (copywriting included). By working closely alongside strategists and consultants during every step; we ensure pieces meet marks regardless of the type of content being written.

digital bull leads content writing service to build brands

“You are out of business if you don’t have a prospect.”
– Zig Ziglar

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Any content writer in our team of content writers at DigitalBullLeads works together to craft engaging content marketing strategies that resonate with potential customers and position your brand high up on search engine results pages (SERPs). We do this by considering both online user experience as well as how Google ranks websites on their SERP’s so you can get more visibility than ever before!

DigitalBullLeads’ SEO content writing services allow your site to get to Page 1 on the search rankings, drive traffic & capture leads.

Content Creation, City Pages, and Content Marketing Strategy

Our team consists of skilled content writers who can create high-performing copy for your website’s SEO needs and drive qualified traffic right back onto you!

We specialize in the following:

Google My Business (Analyzer, Optimizer, Ranker)Search Engine Optimization (Local SEO, Organic & E-Commerce SEO)City Page Creation

Indeed we do! We also offer these services:

  • New WordPress Website Development
  • WordPress Website Enhancement
  • UI/UX Review
  • Quality Content Creation
  • Landing Page Redesign
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)Call to Action (CTA) Creation

There are other services as well. All you have to do is ask!

Your website content serves as an extension of your brick-and-mortar store. It speaks volumes about your business and determines the success of your digital marketing efforts. Studies show approximately 77% of online users read online content, and marketers who prioritize developing quality content for SEO are 13X more likely to gain a positive return on investment (ROI)

Your online content is a powerful tool that can be used to reinforce your brand message and communicate it across all digital channels. Capitalizing on the benefits of professional content writing services will help you establish yourself as an industry leader, by communicating what sets you apart from others in this increasingly competitive marketplace.

Website Content Writing Service

Integrate keywords into your website content writing to get higher in search engine rankings.

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Businesses need to publish credible web content to show prospects and customers they’re knowledgeable about various areas of their niche market. However, not all marketers have the time or desire for detailed SEO keyword analysis when it comes down to creating engaging content that attracts high-quality backlinks – which is why a professional content marketing agency can help! Our article writing service team performs deep searches on keywords relevant to your industry as well as extensive research into current social media and Google trends.

The secret to business success is increasing your customer base – and social media and web content writing allows you to do just that. Our content writers improve online reach by performing thorough SEO keyword research and publishing fresh optimized copy for better ranking in search engines, connecting with high converting prospects while retaining old ones.

We understand that each company is different and may need an SEO content writing service tailored to your target audience.

By increasing your online reach with fresh, optimized content, you open up new opportunities to connect with high-converting prospects and retain old ones. Our team of experienced SEO copywriters understands how to target your audience and write content that ranks well in search engines. Let us help you take your business to the next level with our quality SEO writing service.

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Our Team is equipped with powerful content writing tools

Build content momentum with a continuous stream of pages & posts

While SEO may be a science, it’s also an art. There are many factors to consider when writing content for search engines and Google should never take center stage over human readers.

Your SEO content should be rich with interesting facts and data that are unique to the website. But it would help if you researched your topic or industry, as well as use meta-information such as headings/body copy for each page of content within a site so it’s easier to navigate through all these valuable resources

The foundation is critical to any building project. Without good SEO keyword research, it’s hard to do well in Google rankings. This takes time 

After choosing your primary keyword, you can use this as a starting point for generating reports that will help guide future SEO content. With knowledge of the top-ranking factors in mind, creating quality and relevant material should be easier than ever!

The use of AI-content optimization tools like MarketMuse and Frase can help you rank higher in search engine results to give yourself the best chance possible when it comes time for people to look up information about your product or service.

By analyzing your content and measuring it against competitors for keywords you are targeting, helps streamline the process of researching and writing that perfect post or article

You can use this process to make your content rank better on Google.

  • Frase

Every content creator knows how much effort goes into looking up information before writing an article – essentially doing background reading to make sure every detail has been covered in depth. And you might use one tool to collect the related questions on your topic and another tool to search for sub-topics to cover in your blog post is an AI-based tool and we will use it to improve your content so that it ranks on Google.  We will use Frase to help you by doing all the work for you. We take care of the detailed research for you, analyze what your competitors are doing, and can give you a score for your existing content. If you’re a web development, SEO, or Digital Marketing agency owner in the content marketing field, then hiring our content writers will make your job much easier.

  • Jasper is an Artificial intelligence system and we’ll use it to help you generate your original creative content

We use this powerful new and innovative software to write SEO-focused blog posts and page content. The secret sauce for how we make Jasper AI work is from a well-known linguistics model dubbed GPT-3 aka the third generation of Generative Pre-Trained Transformer. GPT-3 in a nutshell is a neural network machine learning model trained using internet data.

Developed by OpenAI, GPT-3 requires input text to generate large volumes of relevant and sophisticated machine-generated text. The GPT-3’s deep learning neural network is a model with approximately 175 billion machine learning parameters making it a seriously powerful form of artificial intelligence.

With us using Jasper, you can expect SEO-friendly content that will help rank at the top. we use it to elevate our work and take your content to the next level. We make it curate original and great content without any plagiarism, which means any keyword that you give to us will be turned into freshly brewed engaging content.

You can easily generate plagiarism-free, keywords-rich blog posts and articles, with up to 80% of writing done by Jasper and the remaining editing by humans, that performs great for SEO and you do not need to be worried about the writer‘s block, just bring your basic idea and relax, we will create the high quality content and unique content for you. 

  • MarketMuse

Using MarketMuse, we accelerate content creation, reinventing how marketers improve organic search rankings, drive expertise in their industry, and impact business strategy. We use MarketMuse Suite, an AI-powered Content Intelligence and Strategy Platform to analyze millions of articles on demand, uncovering gaps and opportunities to empower marketers to craft high-quality content their audience loves and search engines reward.

It provides valuable insight to improve your content creation and optimization. The MarketMuse platform is used by us to construct content blueprints by investigating hundreds of millions of articles on the Web that demonstrate precisely how to write and cover a topic comprehensively. 

MarketMuse employs machine learning and artificial intelligence tools to scrutinize the published content about a subject, and then associate it with a massive amount of data. It determines which related topics are significant and the extent of material required to cover the issues. In general, it provides the content brief. Its natural language generation engine evaluates enormous amounts of pages on the topic and

recreates that information into an innovative piece of long-form content.

  • Google Natural Language API

The Google Natural Language API is an easy-to-use interface to a set of powerful NLP models which have been pre-trained by Google to perform various tasks. As these models have been trained on enormously large document corpora, their performance is usually quite good as long as they are used on datasets that do not make use of a very idiosyncratic language.

The Natural Language API we use comprises five different services:

  • Syntax Analysis
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Entity Analysis
  • Entity Sentiment Analysis
  • Text Classification

The syntax analysis service is mostly used early in one’s pipeline to create features that are later fed into machine learning models. On the contrary, the sentiment analysis service can be used right out of the box.

We use Google’s sentiment analysis to provide the prevailing emotional opinion within a provided text.

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