Google My Business Audit

Please note that our partner, DigitalBull GO, provides your GMB Audit and Optimization services. You can now schedule a free consultation (worth $60) with them. Click on the button below.

Google My Business is an important part of your Map Pack rankings and it is important to find out how well you are performing compared to your competitors.

DigitalBullLeads can help by auditing your GMB and local SEO. Don’t think of it as us exposing your flaws, but rather us showcasing your areas for improvement.

Courtesy of, you will receive a comprehensive handcrafted Google My Business Map Pack Optimization Audit Report of 20+ pages for one of the following:
  • Your own Google My Business Listing (Direct)
  • Your client’s Google My Business Listing (White-Label)
Our hardworking team can either perform this GMB Audit for your own listing or as a white-label service for the Google My Business Listing of a client that you manage.
We can get this report done for you in a matter of hours. In the end, you will know exactly how well you’re performing with regard to the various GMB factors (more on this later).
We also offer recommendations for improvement along with comparisons with competitors.
This audit is based on a thorough manual review of key GMB factors. 

For every Google My Business Audit Report we do, the DigitalBullLeads team reviews three aspects of your company’s online presence:

  • Google My Business Listing
  • Google Maps
  • Website

It must be said that your website plays a critical role in a company’s ability to rank in the Map Pack. Even if your GMB is spotless, a poor website could doom everything and drag you down in the rankings.

This is precisely why we take the time to review and analyze your website. More than just GMB, we undertake a local SEO audit for you.

So, not only do you get an intensive audit of you or your client’s Google My Business Listing, but you get a Website Audit and Maps Audit for the complete local SEO package as well! Talk about value for money!

If you or your clients require an audit, contact us right now!