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“The success of a page should be measured by one criteria: Does the visitor do what you want them to do?”
– Aaron Wall

The intent of the Local City Landing Page is to convey to Google your affinity to that part of the city (beyond your own core area to a distant suburb). This is what we call “enlarging your sphere of influence“.

The first and best option would be to open an office and get another verified listing, but that is easier said than done.

Local City Pages are ideal for Service Area Businesses (SAB) and others who can’t or won’t open up new or virtual offices, or are unwilling to risk suspension by Google by increasing their area through ‘other’ means.

You can have an agency like create a city page for you or your client. We offer White-Label City Page Creation services as well. 

Direct & White-Label Local City Page Creation

DigitalBullLeads Custom Local City Landing Page Creation Scope of Work

The main reason you need to make use of local city landing pages is it gives you a chance to increase your sphere of influence.

You can rank in cities outside your immediate vicinity but still within your proximity and service boundaries.  

Getting on the top 3 of the Map Pack is the equivalent of ranking on the first page of Google. However, it is not easy. 

Check the Scope of Work to your left to see the hard work that goes into the design and creation of a perfect local city page.

A local city landing page can go a long way in elevating your presence in the eyes of Google.

While creating a city page, your content should not appear to be ‘doorway’ page material in any way. This is why our team takes time to research historical information about that suburb and add content in a natural manner. 

We also design the header banner, custom maps, and images for the city page. Once everything is set, you can add the city page/pages to your website and this page can rank in areas you were performing poorly in before. can design your city page in such a manner that they are intertwined with your service page and homepage. The combined power will help elevate your site’s ranking both in the Map Pack as well as on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Your surrounding areas no longer have to be foreign territory. It’s time to increase your sphere of influence through conversion-oriented city pages.

DigitalBullLeads 13 City Pages Tips

Creating a well converting landing page is about presenting a sentiment that your audience will connect with. You have one page to build up enough trust to collect personal information from someone who in most cases has had no interaction with your brand before.” 
Jillian Zacchia

DigitalBullLeads City Page Site Structure

If well designed, these city pages can not only help you dominate your area but poach into your competitor’s business areas!

The team puts a lot of time and effort into designing the perfect custom local city landing page for your company. 

We can create a custom city page built to convert for your existing website. Our team can also design a brand new website for you, inclusive of and centered around these city pages.

A spot at the top awaits you. Go forth and conquer!

Get Well-Designed Local City Pages

The DigitalBullLeads team will take care of all aspects of the city page, from conception to creation to completion. If you or your clients are one of the following, and you want a quality local city landing page that converts, contact us now!

DigitalBullLeads GMB Clients


Bulletproof: 1 City Page
One City Page From
One Local City Page Creation
Value-added city pages!
One Local City Landing Page
Tested DigitalBull Methodology!
WordPress Only
Includes Content & Image Creation
Add New Content About Area
Insert Relevant Keywords
Upload City & Landmark Images
Upload Product/Service Images
Create Custom Maps/ Map Embeds
Add Custom Map Directions
Add Banner In Header
Design Call-To-Action Form & Image
On-Page & Internal Linking
Link to Local Citations & Landmarks
Link to Wiki & Official City Sites
Construct Local Business Schema
Integrate Testimonials & Quotes
Optimize City Page With Basic SEO
Secret Sauce
One-Time Payment
Delivered Within 7 Working Days!
Bullseye: 3 City Pages
Three City Pages From
Three Local City Pages Creation
Avail $42 discount!
Three Local City Landing Pages
Tested DigitalBull Methodology!
WordPress Only
Everything In Bulletproof Plan
Save $48!
Secret Sauce
One-Time Payment
Delivered Within 16 Working Days!
Bulldoze: 5 City Pages
Five City Pages From
Five Local City Pages Creation
Special $96 discount!
Five Local City Landing Pages
Tested DigitalBull Methodology!
WordPress Only
Everything In Bulletproof Plan
Save $146!
Secret Sauce
One-Time Payment
Delivered Within 25 Working Days!

*Accepted payment methods: Payoneer, Credit Cards (Visa/Master), Debit Cards, and Net Banking

*If you have a requirement for 10+ city pages, contact us for a special quote!

“I like the work that you guys do, and I have been through many different people and not been impressed. But for the first time I am starting to feel comfortable… I appreciate your work. The content (city pages) you delivered is first rate. If you need a recommendation from me, you got it. And I have other people write content for me. It has been very low quality. So I took a chance on you and it paid off. I am a happy customer!” 
Bob J.; Houston, Texas

Want Your Very Own Local City Landing Page?

If you want to learn more about how city pages affect you or your client’s rankings and how they can help you get on the Map Pack, click the button below and pick a time that works best for you! No hesitation. works primarily with small businesses in the United States (US) whose annual revenue is less than $50 Million.

We cover the following:

  • Plumbers, HVACs, Electricians, Locksmiths,
  • Architects, Roofing Contractors, Paint Contractors, Movers, Remodelers
  • Landscapers, Tree Removal, Arborists, Sprinkler Repair
  • Pest Control, Cleaning, Housekeeping, Maids 
  • Attorneys, Accountants, IT Services, Recruiters 
  • Caterers, Restaurants, Food Delivery
  • Gyms, Yoga, Spa, Dentists, Doctors, Vets, Chiros

… and many many more. No service is beyond us!

We specialize in the following:

  • Google My Business (Analyzer, Optimizer, Ranker) 
  • Search Engine Optimization (Local SEO, Organic & E-Commerce SEO)
  • City Page Creation
  • Search Engine Marketing (Google Ads)

Indeed we do! We also offer these services:

  • New WordPress Website Development
  • WordPress Website Enhancement
  • UI/UX Review
  • Content Creation
  • Landing Page Redesign
  • Call To Action (CTA) Creation
  • Graphic Design

There are other services as well. All you have to do is ask!

It must be noted that our pricing is for the end-user and therefore our white-label pricing will vary from those listed, with the possibility of a 35% discount!

We understand that each company is different and may need campaigns tailored to their target audience. However, it is our endeavor to ensure that the scope of services for the available budget is clearly understood.

Our prices are not final and we are willing to negotiate. Check out the pricing plans on our respective service pages. 

Please check our service agreement which is meant to protect both our interests. You also get a pricing discount when pre-paying either 2 or 4 months in advance!

Our accepted payment methods are Payoneer, Credit Cards (Visa/Master), Debit Cards, and Net Banking.

Absolutely. Anytime! No penalties whatsoever.

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