Establish Your Local Presence with Google My Business

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Being popular in the immediate neighborhood is crucial not just for celebrities, but local businesses as well. Plumbers, HVACs, electricians, maids, locksmiths, small retailers, dentists, beauticians, and other local businesses or service area businesses (SABs) need to focus on expanding their sphere of influence through online means. Here, one method stands out: Google My Business. … Read more

Alphabet’s Properties in 2019 from A-Z

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Over time, the Alphabet corporation (still referred to as ‘Google’ in most circles) grew larger and comprised many companies, services, products, and features. Some of these were companies acquired by Alphabet. Others are products, services, or software developed by Alphabet themselves. As of now, all of these properties are all a part of Alphabet Incorporated. … Read more

Wow Clients With Dazzling Google Data Studio Reporting

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The number one complaint that Clients have is the lack of accurate reporting and regular communication from Agencies once the project has begun. Unfortunately, agencies usually tend to do their own thing while leaving clients in the dark about the work that’s being performed, leading to severe trust issues. Google Data Studio is the solution.  … Read more