Alphabet’s Properties in 2019 from A-Z

Over time, the Alphabet corporation (still referred to as ‘Google’ in most circles) grew larger and comprised many companies, services, products, and features. Some of these were companies acquired by Alphabet. Others are products, services, or software developed by Alphabet themselves. As of now, all of these properties are all a part of Alphabet Incorporated.

“Sergey and I founded Google because we’re super optimistic about the potential for technology to make the world a better place.”
– Larry Page

Happy New Year, readers!

It’s 2019 now, but let’s wind the clocks back a few years. On 10th August 2015, there was a massive restructuring at Google. The end result was that Google was now Alphabet Inc.

The English alphabet goes from A to Z, which is probably the reason for the name change. The word ‘alphabet’ itself originates from the words alpha and beta, the first two letters of the Greek alphabet, but I digress.

Alphabet also has a website that can be found at with a letter from co-founder Larry Page and financial information about the company. The cover image for this blog post cover is their homepage.

Most of Alphabet’s moves were made to compete with other big tech companies such as Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook.

So, we compiled an updated alphabetical list of everything Alphabet owns as of now. Why not, am I right? You can click the links for more information.

What Does Alphabet Own in 2019?

Here are Alphabet’s properties listed from A – Z heading into 2019:

A – Ads, AdWords Express, AI, Alerts, Allo, Analytics, Android OS, Android Auto, Android TV, App Maker, ARCore, Assistant

B – Blogger, Books, BigQuery

C – Calico, Calendar, CapitalG, Cast, Chrome, Chromebook, Chromecast, Chrome OS, Chrome Web Store, Chronicle, Classroom, Cloud, Cloud Print, Contacts, Cardboard

D – Daydream View, Data Studio, DeepMind, Design, Digital Garage, Docs, Domains, Drive, Drawings, Duo

E – Earth, Education, Enterprise Search, Express, Expeditions

F – Fi, Fiber, Files, Fit, Flights, FeedBurner, Firebase, Finance Search, Forms, Fonts

G – G Suite, Gboard, Google (obviously), Google App, Gmail, Glass, Groups

H – Hangouts, Hire, Home

I – Image Search

J – Jamboard, Jump, Job Search

K – Keep

L – Loon

M – Maps, Marketing Platform, My Business

N – News Search, Now, Nest

O – One, Open Source

P – Pay, Play, Play Protect, Photos, Patents Search, Pixel

Q – QuickDraw

R – reCaptcha, Retail

S – Scholar Search, Search, Search Console, Shopping Search, SageTV, Stackdriver, Skia, Slides, Sheets, Sites, Store, Street View

T – Takeout, Tiltbrush, Translate, Trends, Trips

U – URL Shortener

V – Ventures, Verily, VirusTotal, Video Search, Voice, VR

W – Wear OS, Wallet, Waymo, Waze, Web Designer, Web Toolkit, Webmasters, Wifi

X – X Development

Y – YouTube

Z – Zero

So, there you have it. Those were all of Alphabet’s former properties from A-Z. I wonder how much of a factor the alphabet has when they decide on a name for their new product or service.

“Google is not a conventional company. We do not intend to become one.”
– Larry Page

Alphabet’s Former Properties

Google- err- Alphabet isn’t without its failures. Properties such as Project Ara, Tango, Picasa, Now, 60dB, Pixate, iGoogle, Apture, Wave, Offers, Project Foghorn, Reader (to much dismay) and Orkut (to much dismay again) have been discontinued or shut down in favor of continuing other projects. The URL Shortener will be transitioned into Firebase Dynamic Links.

Skybox Imaging was purchased in 2017 and changed their name to Terra Bella, but they were sold to Planet Labs in 2017. Schaft and Boston Dynamics were sold off to SoftBank in the same year as well. Zagat is also set to be sold off to The Infatuation soon.

Some products and services exist under the radar. Everyone recalls how much people were talking about Google Glass back in 2013, but they don’t seem to have made much of an impact. The same applies to Google Feedburner, which became irrelevant as RSS Feeds were killed off yet continues to exist as a zombie. 

Sometimes, being a huge conglomerate is difficult because there are just so many projects to manage. All the acquisitions and acquihires are tough to keep track of and the company ends up spreading itself out too thin. Inevitably, some will end up getting dropped or consolidated.

If you’re wondering why Google Plus isn’t on the list, the company has announced that it will shut down by August 2019. Google Inbox is also signing off (March 2019), but the features have been moved to Gmail. Also, Google Contact lenses are in development.

Marketing Through Google

Google and marketing go hand in hand. Other marketing related services such as AdSense, AdMob, and DoubleClick all fall under the Ads and Marketing Platform. Therefore, they were not listed separately.

It may surprise you to know that approximately 85% of Alphabet’s revenue stems from Google Ads. Speaking of which, if you want a company to run effective Google Ad campaigns, you’ve come to the right place.

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“The ultimate search engine would understand exactly what you mean and give back exactly what you want.” 
– Larry Page

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