5 Tactics to Amplify Your Google My Business Reviews

Google My Business Reviews are very important for helping your GMB Listing show up more prominently in search results. Reviews are also a great way to provide social proof. Neglecting the reviews you receive on your listing or is something you cannot afford. You need to make the most of the reviews that you get.

As a small business, you must make every effort to get more customers. Boost your reviews and ratings and you will boost your rankings and revenue. In this post at DigitalBullLeads.com, our GMB Expert offers tactics to maximize your reviews.

Amplify Your Reviews With These 5 Tactics

It’s important that you have taken the steps to verify your Google My Business Listing and account. Otherwise, you won’t be able to respond to user reviews. Once you have this taken care of, you need to amplify the reach and impact of your reviews. Here are 5 ways you can do this.

Tactic 1: Respond to all your reviews

You can’t control a review, but you can control your reaction and response to it. Every review deserves a professional and thoughtful response. This is regardless of whether it was a one-star review or a five-star review.

For a five-star review, thank the customer. If you get a one-star review, don’t lash out or get angry, or disappointed. It is frustrating, but you must keep calm. Ask them what was wrong and how you can improve. You can also offer to have them contact you to resolve the issue.

Remember, the reviews are visible to everyone, not just the customer who left it. People wondering whether they should do business with you will definitely be taking a look at your reviews and responses. Responding shows that you are an engaged brand and care about the consumers.

Tactic 2: Ask for reviews

You are missing out on potential reviews because you didn’t ask. Encourage reviews for your business from your customers. Remind your customers that you appreciate feedback and that you would love to hear from them on Google. All you have to do is ask. Did you get a compliment over email? Ask if they wouldn’t mind leaving you a review.

Reviews help you improve your business so you can provide better services. Without feedback, you won’t know your quality. Even worse, you may think you did a good job while the client believes otherwise. Therefore, it is imperative to

Tactic 3: Place reviews on your digital real estate

It’s free real estate!

You can (and should) add your Listing reviews on your website. Google offers several website plugins that will help you promote your Google listing on your website. This can be done manually as well.

If you have city pages, add reviews from people in that city on to the relevant page. The same goes for service pages. Add reviews complementing your expertise in performing ‘Service A’ on your page for Service A. Your home page should contain your best review. It is also a good way to add content to your site.

Tactic 4: Reward reviews AFTER they have been given

If need be, you can offer incentives or rewards to customers for writing a review on your listing. However, make sure you get the review first before rewarding the person for it. This makes sure you don’t get tricked into rewarding them and receiving nothing in return.

Tactic 5: Cross-promote your reviews

We’ve already told you how you can highlight some of your favorite reviews on your website. The same can be done on other channels. Showcase them on social channels like Facebook and Twitter. You can also mention them in forums and relevant groups. You can have a review roundup and publish the content as a GMB Post on your Listing.

Those were 5 tactics to amplify your reviews. Reviews act as a testimonial from the customer and a testament to your work. They shouldn’t be treated as anything different. There’s so much you can do with your reviews, but companies miss out on these tips, tricks, and tactics more often than not.

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