Frequently Asked Questions About DigitalBull GO

DigitalBull GO FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

With the release of our DigitalBull GO (GMB Optimization) platform in April and even pre-release, during beta testing, there were a lot of questions regarding the tool’s features, target audience, modules, updates, benefits, local SEO, integrations, and how the tool works. These are the frequently asked questions about DigitalBull GO. Check out our team’s answers. … Read more

Establish Your Local Presence with Google My Business

DigitalBullLeads Google My Business Listing Optimization Services

Being popular in the immediate neighborhood is crucial not just for celebrities, but local businesses as well. Plumbers, HVACs, electricians, maids, locksmiths, small retailers, dentists, beauticians, and other local businesses or service area businesses (SABs) need to focus on expanding their sphere of influence through online means. Here, one method stands out: Google My Business. … Read more